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What is decopatch?

Decopatch is a bit like papier mache only much more colourful and decorative! A modern twist on decoupage, it brings otherwise plain objects to life, using a special paper and glue-varnish. Decopatch looks great on almost any material imaginable though the most common decopatch objects are reinforced cardboard. It’s so simple to do and gets great results regardless of artistic ability.


Decopatch is for all ages as long as they can hold a brush and have a good enough attention span although I wouldn’t recommend it for most under 3’s, brilliant for kids and adults alike. It’s fun, creative and therapeutic, the perfect craft to do on your own and with friends. The results are amazing and it’s addictive! Decopatch makes a fab party activity, and is also a great solo activity.


How to decopatch

equipment deco

1.Get together all your equipment. i.e-glue,brush,papers and your object.

paper deco

2.tear paper into small pieces(the smaller the better).

glue deco

3.apply glue to your brush and brush a small part of your chosen object.


4.start to apply the paper to your object (I would recommend using your brush to apply the paper to the object and then use a stroking motion to smooth it down.

finished deco

5.just keep repeating until you have completed your object.



Although you can use any paper or glue for this type of craft I would recommend using decopatch’s own brand of glue and paper if you want the kind of finish in the objects above.

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