We offer lots of different ways to capture imprints to last a lifetime.Firstly there are paint imprints which can be put onto any of our pottery items.Secondly there are clay imprints where we press the imprint into clay which can be made into many different items such as coasters, bowls ,plaques etc.We also make plaster imprints which can be made into a plaque.As well as hand,finger and footprints we also offer pawprint items for dog lovers.

If you would like an imprint item made you will have to come into our store for us to capture the print (unless you order silver jewellery in which case we can send you a kit) then leave it with us and we will do the rest.

If your looking for something a little different why not make a piece of silver jewellery with your loved ones print.

Waiting times- For paint imprints you will have to wait between 2 days to a week for them to be ready for collection.Clay imprints will be between 2-3 weeks due to the clay having to be dried out properly before firing and plaster imprints will take between a week to 2 weeks.Silver jewellery will take about a week or 2 but may vary however we will give you a definite time when ordering.

Prices for paint imprints vary depending on the item but start from £11,clay and plaster imprints start from £20 and silver jewellery imprints start from £50

To order or enquire please contact us via or phone -07570806442