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Pottery painting

At creations we offer lots of different activities, our most popular being pottery painting. There are two different options when it comes to pottery painting ,the first is to use acrylic paint which means you can take your item away the same day. These paints aren’t as shiny and cannot be used on items you wish to eat off,also another drawback to these paints are that they can stain clothes and although we provide aprons you have to be very careful but these paints are perfect for people who don’t like waiting. The other option is underglaze paints,these paints are essentially liquid clay with colour pigments in them.With these types of paints you need to apply about three layers usually to get a good solid colour as opposed to one with acrylic.


Acrylic paint


Underglaze paint

Once you have painted with these types of paint you leave your item with us to be numbered and dipped in glaze (essentially liquid glass).When the items have dried we wrap them in bubble wrap and place them in a box ready for transportation to the kiln (which unfortunately is not in the shop) ready for firing.

Items are then put onto various shelves and are either stilted:

stilt marks4





Or dryfooted:








The reason for stilting and dry footing is that without doing one of these techniques, the paints will heat to a liquid and can run onto the shelf which will then cool and bind the item to the shelf.(the paints do not run themselves only the glaze and even this doesn’t run much)

Our kiln fires our bisque to about 1060 degrees celsius then cools back down in a process that takes about 24 hours depending on how many items are inside.

The kiln is sometimes cracked when it gets to about 200 degrees celsius to help items cool down quicker.The items are then packed back into the box and delivered back to the shop where using the numbers we write on the bottom of items (or sometimes a description) we identify which order they belong to and bag them up ready for collection.In total we allow a week for this process to be complete from you painting to collecting.If you would like to make an item suitable for eating off or drinking out of then underglaze paints are what you need to use and as well as giving a shinier finish the other great thing is they don’t stain and are even food grade paints which makes them suitable for young kids whether they are painting themselves or you are just doing handprints with them.

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