Activities at creations. We offer many different activities at creations, below is a list of what you can do.

Pottery painting is the first activity we offered. You can do pottery painting either with glaze paints if you want a glass finish or to eat or drink out of your item or acryllic paint for people who want to take their item on the day or enjoy a more matte finish.

Decopatch is a craft involving reinforced cardboard animals which you decorate with decorative papers, it is more of an adult activity as it is very time consuming and takes a lot of patience and concentration.

We also do bear making which involves stuffing a teddy and adding a heart.You also get a bag for it to go in and a certificate to fill in. Also you can decorate a t-shirt for your bear to wear.

Mosaics involves taking a wooden shape and adding assorted pieces of mosaic tiles to the shape then gluing them in place. Most mosaic models are then finished off with grout to fill in between the gaps.

Felting can be done either wet or dry depending on the project. It is more of an adult activity and takes a long time as well as some hard work but is very satisfying to those who enjoy it.

We now offer silver jewellery courses both from our home studio and our loughborough studio. We offer day courses as well as ongoing courses for those who want a little bit more training.

Glass jewellery is another type of activity we now offer and just like the glass is offered either at our home studio or our loughborough studio, You can make many different things from glass. Depending on the course you have taken you can make bowls, jewellery and many other interesting creations.


Coming soon.