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Creations is all about bring different art activities to everyone regardless of their age or artistic ability. We welcome individuals who want to try different types of art, we get a real satisfaction when people unearth their hidden talent and find art therapeutic and relaxing. We also welcome the accomplished artists who can develop their talents in the environment we provide.

In addition to the individuals we host group events whether they be for fun or education. We hold parties for all age ranges and any excuse for a party. These can range from birthday parties for toddlers, hen parties, corporate meetings/events or just any old excuse for a get together. On the educational front we go out to schools and colleges to help with various projects or welcome students into the studio to develop their artistic talents. We also run workshops and individual one to one tuition is available.

We believe Art should be enjoyed by everyone as it is a great way of relaxing and surprising themselves with their own unique creations.
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