Foam clay


A new activity we now offer is foam clay.Foam clay is a putty like substance that can be moulded around items to decorate them,its a great option for those who want less mess or would like to take their item away on the day.

How much does it cost?
Foam clay is priced the same way as pottery painting and decopatch (£3 studio fee + item fee.
Does it make a mess?
One of the best things about foam clay is that it makes virtually no mess which makes it a great option for kids.
Can it be taken home on the day?
Yes, another advantage of foam clay is it can be took virtually as soon as you have finished (we recommend letting it dry for 10-15 mins before taking it home although if we are not too busy we can hair dry it which will drastically reduce this time).
Are there many colours?
We have a range of about 11 different colours for foam clay
Can you mix the colours?
You can mix the colours although we do not recommend this as they do not tend to mix well and often mix into a browny grey colour.
What do I do when I get to the Studio?
Come in and you will be guided to a seat. We will then explain everything to you. You then decide what you want to decorate. We will provide you with everything you need to make a wonderful creation.
What is the minimum age for foam clay?

Foam clay is not recommended for children under 3 years due to it being a choking hazard.

Do i need to book?
We always recommend booking as we cannot guarantee you a space otherwise but if you turn up and there is space that is absolutely fine .
Can I book a group of people in?

Yes you can, we have a range of party packages, but we also cater for social groups, work groups, schools, scouts, guides and brownies. Basically any group you want to get together can be catered for. We have seating for 32 people.

We can arrange sessions outside of normal opening hours if you have a group of 6 or more people. If you are coming of an evening and you are old enough, you can bring alcoholic drinks with you to help your creative juices!

So why not contact us now to book a place before you forget?
Phone 075770 806 442
email: [email protected]

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