Closed bank Holiday Monday May 5th

    May 2, 2023

    We shall be closed on Bank Holiday Monday but open at the weekend as usual.  Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-3.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Creations Clay Club

    March 3, 2023

    Come and join our new exciting Creations Clay Club where you can have fun learning how to make and paint your own clay models.  You need to attend two sessions, the first one is where we show you how to make your model and the second is to paint your model.

    You can make Mom a Mothers Day Plaque, or make an animal such as an Easter Bunny or a dragon or make a bowl.

    You can then paint your models before taking them home to treasure and keep.

    The Club will run from Wednesday March 5th until Friday April 11th, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 3 pm until 5 pm.  You can pop in for an hour any time between these times, you don’t have to be there for 3 pm, but the last admission is 4pm.

    The cost is £15 per double session (First session: Make.    Second session: Paint).

    To book, contact us by phone 07570 806442 or email us with your name and contact number [email protected]

    Look forward to seeing you!

    Louise and everyone at Creations

    Fancy a get together?

    January 24, 2023

    Are you looking to get together with friends, work colleagues or having a party for whatever occasion? Why not book into Creations?

    We can accommodate parties from a few people up to 30 people for any event. We mainly hold birthday parties, but have hosted hen parties and evenings out for work colleagues or students getting together.

    We now have a clay roller for making clay items even better. Clay making is proving to be very popular for individuals, classes and parties, with some great items being produced. We have just hosted classes for 45 children from a local school who have made some wonderful clay dragons.

    Please contact us for any ideas you may have as we would love to help you to arrange a get-together for any reason!

    Thank you,
    Louise and everyone at Creations Pottery

    Drinks Available!

    April 20, 2023

    Why not have a drink whilst you are painting or decopatching?

    We serve a range of teas (£1.20), coffees (.80p), Milk Shake Schmoos (£1.50 or £2 with toppings), hot chocolate (£1.50) and squash. We also serve a small range of biscuits.

    Go on, treat yourself next time you are in!

    Just pop in, not always the need to book!

    February 24, 2023

    What can I do in your Studio?

    You can paint pottery, such as plates, cups animals etc. or fabric, such as a T shirt.  You can decopatch, make and paint clay items, jewellery, felt items, make a range of soft toys such as teddy bears, elephants dragons etc.

    What is decopatch?

    You tear decorative paper into small pieces and glue them to items.  The effects are stunning and it is great fun to do and can become quite addictive!

    Do I need to be good at art?

    Absolutely not!  If you need any help, we are happy to assist you, otherwise we let you find your hidden talent!

    What age group do you cater for?

    All ages are very welcome.  We get babies and toddlers, school children, uni students, teenagers, work colleagues, parents, grand parents etc.

    What do the activities cost?

    Costs range from £6 up to £25 per person depending upon what you want to do.  The normal cost is around £10 - but remember this is to do an activity for an hour or so and you have an item to treasure!  These costs include a Studio Fee.

    What is a Studio Fee?

    This is a charge for each artist and covers the costs of the materials you are using.  But once you have paid one Studio Fee then you can paint or decorate as many items as you wish without the need to pay a further Studio Fee, you just pay for the item you are decorating.

    What items do you have available?

    We have a range of bisque items, such as plates, mugs, animals, lamp stands, plant pots, T pots and much more.  These can be painted or decoaptched.  We also have other items just for decopatching.

    What sort of paints are available?

    We have acryllic or underglaze.  Acryllic - you can take the items away on the day once they are dried.  Underglaze items are left with us to kiln and are normally available for collection after a week.  If you need underglaze items more urgently, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.  All paints are child-safe and washable.

    Can I use cups and plates for eating off and drinking out of?

    Yes, if you have used the underglaze.  Although they can go through a dishwasher, we recommend hand washing the items to preserve their appearance.

    Is there a minimum or maximum number of people I can bring along?

    No, you can come by yourself as many people do, or bring a group of friends up to our capacity of 36 - but please book in beforehand for larger groups.  If you are thinking of a group, we do party, workshop and group packages.  Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, after work get-togethers, hen parties, or just any old excuse to come along with friends.  We can cater for evening events of groups of 6 or more and you are welcome to bring along your own alcoholic drinks!

    Are refreshments available?

    Yes we do a range of teas, coffees, milk shakes, hot chocolate, cold drinks etc.

    This sounds great what do I need to to now?

    You can pop in, there is usually no need to make an appointment as we have 36 seats available.  However, there are times when we are fully occupied, so to be on the safe side, it is advisable to book and we can reserve a place for you.