Pottery Painting


You paint a beautiful pottery item with your own exciting unique design.

Do I need to be good at art to do Pottery Painting?
Absolutely not. For instance Toddlers have created some great pieces of work and people who have not pottery painted before have surprised themselves.
Is it just for children?
No, people of all ages from toddlers to grandparents love painting pottery.
What does it cost?
Pottery painting is great value as it is not only an activity but you also walk away with an item for yourself to treasure or as a gift for someone special in your life.There is a £3 Studio Fee (per painter) to cover the costs of paints, paint brushes and a place in the Studio. In addition to the Studio Fee you pay for the pottery item(s) you paint.You can paint as many items as you like for the one Studio Fee of £3 plus the cost of your pottery items. The pottery items range from a cost of £3 for a small item up to £25 for large items. Most items are in the £7 to £12 range for plates, mugs, animal models and much more.
Pottery Painting sounds great, what do I do?
You can pop into our Studio in Loughborough in Leicestershire usually without booking, however, we do advise booking to avoid disappointment during busy periods. You can book by phoning 07570 806 442 or emailing [email protected]
What do I do when I get to the Studio?
Come in and you will be welcomed and guided to a seat. We will then explain everything to you. You can then choose an item from our wide range of wonderful pottery pieces which are displayed on our shelves in the Studio. When you have chosen your pottery item you then decide which paints you want to use before painting your item.There are two types of paint with a wide range of fantastic colours at the same cost: Acrylic and Underglaze.Acrylic - you paint, let it dry and then we coat it with a protective spray and you take it away with you.Under-glaze - you paint, leave it with us to kiln and you collect after a week. Under-glaze is necessary for drinking or eating items.

What is the difference between the two different types of paint?
The under-glaze is shinier and is necessary for drinking and eating items. It is recommended that the items are hand washed rather than using a dishwasher to preserve their condition.
If I am not sure what to do, can I get help?
Yes of course we are on hand to help you with advice about painting and any finishing touches and colouring. You can paint with a range of different brushes, but there are also sponges and shapes to help you create your design.Our aim is for you to relax and enjoy yourself. People have said how therapeutic and inspirational they have found pottery painting and come back time and time again.You can buy drinks and snacks to help your experience.
Can I come in on my own?
Of course you can, you will be made very welcome. There are many people who pop in on their own to enjoy some me-time.
Can I book a group of people in?
Yes you can, we have a range of party packages, but we also cater for social groups, work groups, schools, scouts, guides and brownies. Basically any group you want to get together can be catered for. We have seating for 32 people.We can arrange sessions outside of normal opening hours if you have a group of 6 or more people. If you are coming of an evening and you are old enough, you can bring alcoholic drinks with you to help your creative juices!So why not contact us now to book a place now before you forget?
Phone 075770 806 442
email: [email protected]